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Job Title: Compositing Artist - Senior Level

Company : Xentrix

Job Overview

Job Description

JOB TITLE:  Sr. Compositor

LOCATION: Bangalore, Karnataka

DEPARTMENT: Compositing

REPORTS TO: Compositing Supervisor

Xentrix Studios is hiring Sr. Compositors to join our production team in Bangalore.

We require talented men and women who show exceptional understanding of the computer-generated animation process combined with relevant artistic skills.
The position offers a chance to work in a creative environment and produce visual content for children’s animated TV series, Feature Films, Theme Parks and Games.

A solid understanding of rendering, lighting, and compositing layers is essential.

We are all set to welcome artists who will contribute with their skills and provide ideas for creating stunning visuals.


  • Constructing the final image by combining layers of previously-created material, including rendered computer animation, FX, graphics, and static background plates 
  • Ensure that the levels combine together seamlessly, and creating mattes where necessary.
  • Enhance the lighting, match blacks and other colour levels, add grain where required, add motion blur where required, and create convincing shadows.
  • Work closely with the FX and Lighting Artists to develop compositing strategies and achieve an aesthetically balanced overall look.
  • Guiding and Mentoring Junior team members.


  • Understanding of various composition techniques. 
  • Knowledge of the cinematography principles including depth of field, density, use of filters
  • Ability to light characters and environments, interior and exterior, different times of day, etc.
  • Good technical knowledge of how 3D lighting works in order to understand the 'multi passes' that the Lighters create.
  • Self-motivation, good communication skills, and a great team-player attitude
  • Art Background. Bachelor's Degree in Fine Art, Illustration, Computer Graphics preferred
  • At least 6-8 years’ experience as a 3D Modeler for TV series / Feature / video games.


·         Visual demonstration (Show reel: QuickTime or web link preferred) showcasing a variety of Compositing approaches and techniques.

·         Only online artwork submissions will be accepted (e.g. website, blog or online album).

·   Candidate must be willing to complete a skill test if required.

Job Type : Full Time
Created: 2019-01-12
Location: Banglore, karnataka
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